To the Flower Ladies at IVC,
Thank you for my lovely bouquet of flowers which I am enjoying. And thank you for all you do to show caring to others and to spread heartfelt joy and beauty.”
IVC Flower Recipient

The summer of 2014 is surely going to go down as one of the best we’ve had on record here in the Pacific Northwest. We have been graced with warm weather and just enough rainfall to bring a profusion of flowers into our gardens. Gardeners everywhere are delighting in the vibrant colors and sweet fragrances that are bursting forth this year. There’s an abundance of riches and IVC has found a way to share them with those who aren’t as fortunate to be surrounded by them.

Every morning from Memorial Day to Labor Day, colorful bundles of flowers were brought to Eagle Harbor Church by local gardeners. Later in the morning, IVC Flower Ladies appeared on the scene to assemble them into beautiful bouquets which they then delivered to people on the island who aren’t able to get out and about. This has to be the best volunteer gig in town! Every week we received cards and phone calls from the delighted (and surprised) recipients. Here’s a typical note: “Thanks so much for the lovely bouquet you brought last week. My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and is wheelchair-bound so we don’t get out often.”

The Flowers from the Heart program is just one of the many ways that IVC volunteers are making a difference in our community. Through these one-on-one connections, they are adding value to someone’s life and discovering meaning in their own as well.