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March Volunteer Gathering

Notes from our March Meeting: What a great turnout for our monthly Volunteer gathering to hear Lynn Schorn from New Motion PT. We learned so much about working with IVC “Care –ees” as Lynn described them! For those of you who were not able to attend, here are some of the highlights to keep in  Continue Reading »

2014 Flowers from the Heart Program Finishes with a Burst of Color!

To the Flower Ladies at IVC, Thank you for my lovely bouquet of flowers which I am enjoying. And thank you for all you do to show caring to others and to spread heartfelt joy and beauty.” IVC Flower Recipient The summer of 2014 is surely going to go down as one of the best  Continue Reading »

When you live far away…

The reality of life in the United States is that many of us don’t live in the same community as our families. This long distance can create unsettled feelings as we worry about our loved ones’ well-being. But there are things you can do to help ease your anxiety when distance is a factor. Some  Continue Reading »

Some Impressive Statistics…

Any Statheads out there? Here are some statistics that I think you may find interesting. In February of this year, IVC switched over to a new database and began tracking requests in a serious way. Here are some interesting findings: Since February 24th, IVC has had: 422 Bainbridge Island transportation requests filled for a total  Continue Reading »

Exercise + Mobility = Less Disability in Elderly

There was a very interesting article in The Boston Globe this week about a new study which found that elderly people who exercised on a daily basis were less likely to become physically disabled compared to those who didn’t exercise regularly. This is promising news for all of us, as it pointed out that the  Continue Reading »

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