There was a very interesting article in The Boston Globe this week about a new study which found that elderly people who exercised on a daily basis were less likely to become physically disabled compared to those who didn’t exercise regularly. This is promising news for all of us, as it pointed out that the exercises  were simple and could be implemented anywhere.

Here on Bainbridge Island, we have two wonderful gyms, a public pool, classes through the Parks and Rec Department plus a lively Senior Center. On any given day there are a multitude of exercise classes for all levels of fitness. As the article states: “While previous population studies indicated that elderly people who maintained their physical fitness were more likely to remain living independently through the decades, this is the first large clinical trial to provide firm evidence that when older Americans, who are typically sedentary and have numerous health conditions, moderately increase activity levels, they might be able to delay their decline into disability.”  Isn’t that inspiring!!

IVC is proud of its mission of working with the elderly, the disabled and others who need help to maintain their dignity, quality of life and independence. While many of the transportation needs we provide are to medical appointments, we also provide rides to exercise classes on the island because we know the positive impact they have on the overall quality of life. We’re happy to contribute to people exercising and moving more, especially if it means even greater health benefits down the line.

Here’s a link to the complete article. Happy reading!