March Volunteer Gathering

Notes from our March Meeting:
What a great turnout for our monthly Volunteer gathering to hear Lynn Schorn from New Motion PT. We learned so much about working with IVC “Care –ees” as Lynn described them! For those of you who were not able to attend, here are some of the highlights to keep in mind when working with our Care Receivers:

>When first meeting Care Receiver (CR) at their home, notice if there is a walker, cane, or other mobility equipment. If so, be sure to encourage the CR use them for your outing. Ask them to show you how it works, how to fold up for stowing, and how to lock and unlock.

>Did you know that IVC has Disabled Parking Permits to lend for you to use as needed with our CRs? Just let us know when needed.

>When parking, pay attention to the environment; slopes on driveways or parking strips, uneven walkways–make sure getting in and out of the car is as easy as possible; park away from a curb so that there is room to step down to pavement; note wet, muddy or uneven surfaces or uneven stair heights, etc.

>Prepare your car: keep seating and floor areas clear; be sure passenger seat is moved back for more space; if car sits low to ground, add a firm pillow to passenger seat to add height and ease of getting in and out.

>When helping CR into car: Have them turn to put their bottom on the seat first keeping both feet on the ground, then swivel to lift feet into the car. To exit car seat, have them swivel in seat to place both feet on the ground before rising to get out. ( a helpful tip from Linda Birum was to place something like a thin, flexible plastic cutting board on seat to allow them to more easily swivel in seat.

>When YOU bend down to assist, be sure to keep your back slightly arched in a neutral position (not rounded) to help protect your back as well (we need you all to stay safe and healthy!)

>Should a CR fall, do not attempt to pick them up. Rather, give them a moment to stabilize. Ask if CR is okay. If they are injured or unable to get up on their own call 911.

>Proper height of cane or crutches allows for a 30% bend of elbows. If you notice that they seem out of adjustment, suggest they ask their provider to double check.

>And please remember, every situation is different. Your good judgement is always a best bet. IVC is always here to help should you have questions.

SAVE THE DATE! Next Volunteer Gathering – Wed. April 20th
Subject: Driving Retirement: When is it time to give up the car keys? Peter Eddie drives us
through a discussion of the challenges and solutions.