Our Care Receivers and Volunteers

Our Care Receivers

IVC serves the elderly, the disabled and those who have temporary needs.  Our care receivers are mostly Bainbridge Island residents, plus some people who reside in North Kitsap. All of our services are provided free of charge, and we assist people of all ages and incomes. Many of the elderly could not stay in their own homes without the extra help we offer. We help people remain independent and connected to the community.

Our Volunteers

Our care givers serve with open hearts and come to IVC with a desire to give back to their community. So many of our elderly are isolated and lonely, and the IVC volunteer may be the only person they have spoken to in days. IVC volunteers often become a constant presence in the lives of our care receivers. People often love to tell stories of their lives, and IVC volunteers are in the fortunate position of listening to those stories.  It’s a reciprocal relationship based on trust and empathic understanding.


IVC has enabled me to maintain my independent living.  My volunteer takes me to the bank, drug store, grocery store and to the Doctor.

-IVC Care Receiver

IVC is the connection hub between the people who need help and those that are able to help… I can’t tell you how much I am loving IVC –it feels like it was something I was meant to do.

-IVC Volunteer