Any Statheads out there? Here are some statistics that I think you may find interesting. In February of this year, IVC switched over to a new database and began tracking requests in a serious way. Here are some interesting findings:

Since February 24th, IVC has had:

422 Bainbridge Island transportation requests filled for a total of 509 volunteer hours
87 Kitsap County transportation requests filled for a total of 229 volunteer hours
27 Seattle transportation requests filled for a total of 103 volunteer hours
119 Companionship requests filled totaling 645 volunteer hours
41 Errand requests filled for a total of 120 hours
21 Grocery requests filled for a total of 50 hours
87 hours of pet care
127 hours of light housekeeping

There are a number of “other” categories, but the bottom line is since February 24th, volunteers have provided 2385 hours of volunteer time for IVC. Isn’t that amazing! You can further quantify this by placing a monetary value on volunteer hours. In 2013, the value in Washington state for an hour of volunteer time was $26.72, placing a monetary value of $63,727 on hours volunteered to date.

Of course, so much of what IVC volunteers do is not easily quantifiable because it is relationship-based. That one-on-one connection between care receiver and volunteer is at the heart of what we do. But when you add up the myriad of ways that IVC volunteers are out in our community helping people maintain their independence and quality of life, it’s really an impressive statistic, don’t you think?